Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Gale has written two scenarios for one of his characters and can't decide whether to kill him off or let him live. You would think it was a matter of life and death for a real person for Pete's sake! It's actually quite entertaining for me to listen to him fuss and fume.
I have finally figured out that Cleo prefers to be told what to do rather than shown. She has always put up a hissy fit when I lift her off my lap but if I tell her to get down she does it with not argument!
Gypsy has been making routine trips to our burn pile and dragging back nasty scraps of 'crap'. I haven't a clue what she finds alluring about burned up boxes and paper...there is absolutely nothing that could be considered food in there...but she has been dragging chunks of gunck to the back porch. She knows better than to drag icky stuff inside but Cleo thinks they're a national treasure worthy of safekeeping and has no compunctions about stashing them in the house.
I would rather pick up harmless refuse than continuously cleaning up paw prints left by that darn cat.

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