Friday, February 12, 2010

Dishwasher and Stray Cat

We went to Spokane Wednesday planning to get a new dishwasher. Mine has not worked for at least five years. Because more money was spent in another area that we hadn't anticipated, I opted out of purchasing the dishwasher. We decided to take out the one we had and put in some shelves. Gale was in the process of pulling it out but decided to ask our son for help. After a short discussion, it was determined that the drain from the washer was plugged. Our son took everything apart, Gale cleaned it and the dishwasher was re-installed. Now it works! Good thing we didn't buy a new one!
During the night, there was a stray cat making some weird noises as Tom cats are prone to do. Nothing gets Gypsy more upset than cows and cats so she was up a couple times making sure we knew about it. Naturally, Cleo slept like a baby. It's usually she, who keeps me awake.

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