Monday, February 1, 2010

Heart to Heart

My best friend called Saturday to tell me her mom was at the emergency room in Colville. I went right away to sit with her while the Dr.'s fussed over their patient. She was admitted that night then sent the next day to Sacred Heart in Spokane. I sure hope she will be okay. Heart and high blood pressure problems are frightening to say the least.
Cleo has woke me up at 5:30 the last two mornings but obediently stayed in bed until six...with a little encouragement from me! Gypsy has had her share of waking us, too...even earlier. It turns out that my son, who lives quite near, has been leaving for work at four in the morning for the last week, including Saturday. The sound obviously wakes her and she gets up to check it out, which in turn wakes me up.
Aw, life with dogs. Gale is quick to remind me how cute they are.

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