Saturday, January 30, 2010

The Grindstone of Writing

Gale is on Chapter 16 of The Amulet. Every day or so he complains about having written himself into a corner. I tell him to just write himself back out! He likes to use the excuse that if a character doesn't know what he is going to do next, how can he?  According to Gale, the most difficult character to write is Standing Wolf. Don't ask me why...I think he's a cool dude with all kinds of powers at his command if someone would just use their imagination! He has the amulet for Pete's sake and that big wolf likes him and his mother, Bent Grass, is a 'seer'.
I have offered various suggestions...only when asked by the way...and Gale has seemed appreciative. That doesn't mean he uses them!
Meanwhile, I plug away on Saving Terrene Glebe.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Forgot the Good Stuff

How could I forget to talk about last Saturday?! Borders Bookstore in Spokane invited us to a book signing event along with five other local authors...among them was Patrick McManus! We have been a great fan of his for over 28 years and have all of his hilarious books, so it was a real honor to meet him get a photo taken with him.
It turned out that a small publisher in Spokane heard about the upcoming event and asked to have his authors attend also. Though it really cut into our book sales, it was great to meet them! We exchanged e-mail addresses and books with several so we have a nice selection of reading material for a while.
It would have been fun to go to a movie after we finished up at 5 but I was anxious to get home to my dogs. One of the grandkids checked on them in the afternoon but I hate to be away from them any longer than necessary.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Barking Night

Around 3A.M.(as in the morning when it's still dark and nobody in their right mind wants to be awake) Gypsy decided to take a jaunt out side. She had chosen to snooze on the rocking chair in our bedroom, instead of her bed, so when she propelled herself off her semi-mobile perch, the chair predictably banged into the wall. That's what woke me. Her incessant barking for the next 20 minutes kept me awake. Gale finally took my cue, some comment I made about 'his' dog being a pain in the butt, and got up to call her in. I'm almost positive I heard a few unkind expletives along with her name. She sweetly curled up in her proper sleeping location and proceeded to snore...really.
Cleo promptly woke up and decided she needed to make a potty run. Thank meant, when she hurtled back through the door, yours truly had to drag her bones out of bed to help 'her' dog back into bed...cold paws and all.
Not to be outdone, Torpedo wandered past the bedroom door and yowled. Fortunately for him he kept it short. Neither Gale or I lay claim to the cat.
The upside is that everyone eventually settle down and we got to sleep until the unheard of 7 bells!  Not so bad after a barking night.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Snow in the Mountains

We had a dandy snow storm for a few hours this morning and accumulated at least two more inches, giving all the old stuff a fresh new look.  I am surprised there was so much left on the ground after so many warm days. Cleo woke up this morning at 5! She promptly trotted outside to do her 'duty' so I can't complain.  When you have to go you have to go! Naturally Gypsy got up at the same time but obediently went back to bed. When Cleo returned, she sweetly curled up next to me and went to sleep; after planting her four tiny cold paws in the middle of my back! She is a heat seeking missile.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Ugh! More frustrations.

Will I ever learn to do Facebook or Twitter? They looked pretty simple but my poor brain can't seem to figure them out. Just when I think I have it something goes goofy. A friend on Facebook said something abut the challenge of using these things will keep our minds healthy...they might if you don't go nuts first!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

New Avenues

I signed up with Twitter today. There might be a better opportunity to draw someones attention to Ghost Dance through that medium. Naturally we hope to sell more books but if some producer got their hands on it, maybe they would see its potential for a movie. You can't say I don't dream big.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Back to the Grindstone

Gale is back to 'work' today. I hear a lot of groans and grumbling from his side of our 'office'. He's been having a problem remembering the descriptions of the horses and who is riding them. I keep reminding him to make notes. Of course, even if he does it's doubtful he could find should see his desk. There are sticky notes hanging around like flypaper on nearly every smooth surface. We don't talk much while we are writing except to ask about the spelling of a word or if we are searching for a particular one that eludes our mind.
He's also a little grumpy today because his shoulder is bothering him since his fall nearly 3 weeks ago. Naturally he won't go to the doctor. He's afraid he'll have to go through the same surgery I had last year...the sissy. Truth is, I don't blame him and wouldn't want to do it again! I have assured him that there are alternatives but I don't think he believes me.
Cleo promptly woke me this morning by pummeling my tummy with all four paws. It's amazing how much strength that little dog has! There is no snooze button either. Gypsy would sleep and let us sleep all day if it were up to her...well, until feeding time.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Here are my two pups. The left photo is Cleo showing her underside. To the right is Cleo right-side-up. Below is Gypsy getting aquianted with baby Cleo.

Whole New World

I found a new button on my blog site that took me to other people's blogs! Now to those of you who do this all the time, that would be no great discovery but this is a whole new world for me. I hope some of you find a button that brings you to my site and enjoy some of the silly things that go on around our house. Most of the antics are performed by Gypsy, Cleo, or Torpedo-the-cat but occasionally my husband gets in the act.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Still Learning

After a week of trial and error, I don't feel any closer to knowing how to do links to other blogs or setting up a new web page. I supposedly have several 'friends' on Facebook but don't really know how to talk to them there...thought I did but....
Computers have to be the most frustrating invention of all time.
For instance how do you find a blog to follow? And how do you link that blog with your own? Yipes!
Guess for now I'll just concentrate on writing books.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Tragedy in Haiti

I was awake a lot during the night thinking about Dr.Gupta and all the help he is providing in Haiti.It seems like the pharmaceutical companies could or should be required to donate medicine to those poor people and all the fat cats on Wall Street and CEOs getting multimillion dollar bonuses and the big gas companies should be required to donate huge amounts instead of rich people like Clinton and stupid Bush begging the poor people of America to give more and more! 

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Dogs in the Dark

I awoke around 2:40 this morning to the sound of Gypsy going out her doggy door.  After listening for about  20 minutes for the 'slap' of her return, I became concerned. She rarely goes out in the night and never for more than a couple minutes. There are preditors wandering around out there in the dark and she would be easy prey a hungry cougar, even though dog is not their favorite food. Sooo, I got up, went outside...the temperature was hovering around 30* which is quite mild for this time of year...and called and called. As I was coming back to the door in near panic, Gale, whom I had rudely awakened, informed me that he had let Gypsy in through our office door. We have too many doors in our house! Naturally, Cleo had to get up to see what was going and nearly got quashed under Gale's foot. He wobbled like a weeble for a split second while she darted for safety and he found a safe place to step. I gathered Cleo up, directed Gypsy to her bed and everyone got back to sleep until the little alarm clock went off at 6. You would think she could have slept in at least 30 minutes!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Learning new stuff

The last two days all I have done is try to learn Wordpress. I am so frustrated!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Dogs and Avatar

Wow! We went to see Avatar in Spokane yesterday. That is the most incredible movie I have ever seen! I didn't want to leave when it was over.
 Cleo has an uncanny knack of knowing when it's six o'clock and despite getting to bed late has no regard for those who would like to sleep in. She bounced out of bed and out the door to do her duty then charged back into the bedroom to serenade us until we got up. Gypsy was trying to be curtious, as usuall, but the 'kid' won't take no for an answer.
It felt cold today even though the snow is melting so we went out to sit in the hot tub. Gypsy began barking at something (we live in the woods so it could be anything) and Cleo heard a strange noise so she came running over to hide,shivering, behind the tub. Since she only has hair on the top half of her body...her underside is as bare as a baby's bottom...she can't take too much cold. So I had to crawl out of the warm water and carry her inside...and I was naked as a jay bird!
Gale is making great progress with the Ghost Dance sequal. He ust finished chapter 12. Standing Wolf, who has been tracking Sam after Sam stole the amulet, has lost the trail. He is at the mouth of the Kettle River talking to the Indians who come from all over to fish those waters.
There is a real balance between giving suggestions about where the story should go and intruding on his thoughts. I have to wait until he writes himself into a corner and asks for a hand out.

Friday, January 8, 2010

What a day

Cleo, my Chinese Crested Hairy Hairless one-year old dog, woke me at 5:45a.m. She has been staying in bed until at least 6. Of course she sleeps next to me! We took her and Gypsy, our 7seven-year old of undertermind origin which we call a Himalayan Herd dog, in to town with us this morning. Gypsy loves to ride and Cleo hates to stay home if you get my drift.
We went X-country skiing and Gale took a nasty fall and injured his shoulder. Not only was he concerned about the prospect of needing the same surgery I had but it has inhibited his typing ability. It appears now that it wasn't as serious as we first thougt.
We also got word today that our brother-in-law had a heart attack a few days ago but is okay now.
Then tonight our oldest son, Dan, wanted me to help him hook up his new laptop with AT&T. Not a good idea...and after 2 -1/2 hours I think he is convinced to take my suggestion to go with Wild Blue. Gale said he would take me to the movie Avatar in Spokane tomorrow if he could watch basketball tonight. I am not very enthused over the game so helping Dan was a wonderful 'out' for me.