Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Dogs and Dragons

Now that I finished Saving Terrene Glebe I have to learn to draw some illustrations of a dragon and a couple animals or find someone who can do it for next to nothing.
My youngest son's old dog, Snoopy, had surgery on Monday for testicular cancer. I had to take Snoopy in because my son was at work. It is so sad when your pets get old or sick. Hopefully, Snoopy with have a little more time left and feel more comfortable with those swollen balls gone. He had 30 some stitches.
We went to town today and came home to jets doing real low flyovers. They are deafeningly loud. Usually both Gypsy and Cleo come running to great us but today only Gypsy came to the door. I called and called Cleo and was almost in a panic before I noticed our bedroom door had not been securely shut when we left. When I went in there and called, Cleo crawled our from under the bed, trembling like she was terrified.
All the bedding was in a pile which indicated that Gypsy had made herself at home on the bed.

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