Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Gale has written two scenarios for one of his characters and can't decide whether to kill him off or let him live. You would think it was a matter of life and death for a real person for Pete's sake! It's actually quite entertaining for me to listen to him fuss and fume.
I have finally figured out that Cleo prefers to be told what to do rather than shown. She has always put up a hissy fit when I lift her off my lap but if I tell her to get down she does it with not argument!
Gypsy has been making routine trips to our burn pile and dragging back nasty scraps of 'crap'. I haven't a clue what she finds alluring about burned up boxes and paper...there is absolutely nothing that could be considered food in there...but she has been dragging chunks of gunck to the back porch. She knows better than to drag icky stuff inside but Cleo thinks they're a national treasure worthy of safekeeping and has no compunctions about stashing them in the house.
I would rather pick up harmless refuse than continuously cleaning up paw prints left by that darn cat.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Where did Time Go

I looked at the calender and couldn't believe it is Sunday! I have been working hard on Cat in the Window trying to find information on Boyds and Deadman Creek. Gale found a book at the K.F. Historical Center that had a little so I have had to run with it.
Gale on the other hand has been moaning about having to kill off one of his characters. He doesn't really want to but the story just kind of headed that way. Now he's trying to figure out a way to save him. You would think it was a real person the way he was moping around for the last couple days.
Sure has been pretty weather around here for this time of year.
Gypsy got into the burn pile yesterday and came in wearing a terrible stink. Good thing she has an appointment with her hairdresser on Wednesday.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

History of Deadman Creek

Gale had a Dr.'s appointment today to see what's wrong with his shoulder. It has given him the fits since he fell skiing several weeks ago. While in town, he picked up a book called Kettle River Country in hopes that I can find more information about Deadman Creek. There was an old stage route through here and a school house. What I needed to know was dates. Also, need history of Boyds and the bridges or ferry's crossing the Columbia. My story, Cat in the Window will have a little history in it if I can find what I need.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Search for History

I have been trying to find some historical information on Boyds, an old stage route that went up Deadman Creek to Republic and when there was a school up here. Not an easy chore. This is all information that is important for my new novel, Cat in the Window. Part of the story takes place in 2010 and the other part is in 1910. It's about an author who gets writers block, moves to the mountains and realizes that the story she sees on her computer might be her own but 100 years earlier. Oh, and there is a mysterious white cat that plays an important part in the whole thing.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Dogs and Dragons

Now that I finished Saving Terrene Glebe I have to learn to draw some illustrations of a dragon and a couple animals or find someone who can do it for next to nothing.
My youngest son's old dog, Snoopy, had surgery on Monday for testicular cancer. I had to take Snoopy in because my son was at work. It is so sad when your pets get old or sick. Hopefully, Snoopy with have a little more time left and feel more comfortable with those swollen balls gone. He had 30 some stitches.
We went to town today and came home to jets doing real low flyovers. They are deafeningly loud. Usually both Gypsy and Cleo come running to great us but today only Gypsy came to the door. I called and called Cleo and was almost in a panic before I noticed our bedroom door had not been securely shut when we left. When I went in there and called, Cleo crawled our from under the bed, trembling like she was terrified.
All the bedding was in a pile which indicated that Gypsy had made herself at home on the bed.

Saturday, February 13, 2010


Gale looked out our kitchen window this morning and saw a bobcat at the far end of our bridge that crosses the creek. I managed to get a photo of it. Maybe five minutes later, he came into our office and looked out the french doors and saw ANOTHER bobcat by our new garden spot! It slipped away before I could get a picture of it.
Maybe they are what Gypsy gets all excited about during the night.

A call from Cancun

I was pleased to be able to use my dishwasher today for the first time in over five years! To think it sat there all this time with nothing but a plugged drain. Gale stood in the kitchen for a while just listening to it run.
My friend Anadee called from Cancun this morning. She is having a wonderful time and keeps insisting that I start flying. I doubt that will happen. I prefer to vacation on a ship.
Gale is on chapter 17 of The Amulet. He says something big or disastrous has to happen but won't let me in on what' coming. What I do hear is a lot of mumbling and grumbling about not knowing what to do next.
I am doing the corrections, etc. on Saving Terrene Glebe. That's not nearly as much fun as writing the story! I am most anxious to get back to Cat in the Window. That should be a suspenseful story.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Dishwasher and Stray Cat

We went to Spokane Wednesday planning to get a new dishwasher. Mine has not worked for at least five years. Because more money was spent in another area that we hadn't anticipated, I opted out of purchasing the dishwasher. We decided to take out the one we had and put in some shelves. Gale was in the process of pulling it out but decided to ask our son for help. After a short discussion, it was determined that the drain from the washer was plugged. Our son took everything apart, Gale cleaned it and the dishwasher was re-installed. Now it works! Good thing we didn't buy a new one!
During the night, there was a stray cat making some weird noises as Tom cats are prone to do. Nothing gets Gypsy more upset than cows and cats so she was up a couple times making sure we knew about it. Naturally, Cleo slept like a baby. It's usually she, who keeps me awake.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Jealous dog

I am pretty upset with Gypsy. She peed on the bedroom carpet this morning! I can only assume that is her way of letting me know she is still not happy with Cleo.
Gale has set aside work on The Amulet to do his part with Saving Terrene Glebe. I have started yet another novel titled Cat in the Window. It will be more of a suspense story with a little Sci-fi twist. I a really excited about it since I have been waiting three years to write it!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

New story

I have started a new story called. Cat in the Window. I'm really into it and hope it goes as good as I imagine!
Gale is reading the first draft of Saving Terrene Glebe. It's going to be a trick to go from this new story back to that one when he has made his contributions to it and blend it all together. It never occurred to us that we would be working on more than one book at a time...now we will have THREE! He has put The Amulet on hold to work with Saving Terrene Glebe.
Gypsy and Cleo have been very co-operative the last few mornings in that they will go back to bed for 30 minutes or so after they make their potty runs around 6 a.m. It's nice to sleep in once in a while.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Defining Words

I have spent the last two days making sure the definitions for all the scientific words and mythological characters in my book are correct. It is my hope that Saving Terrene Glebe will not only be entertaining but slightly educational. If there was a chance that a reader would develop an interest in biology or heighten their awareness of how destructive humans are toward our planet, then I have accomplished my goal. The translation of the title is...Saving Earth Land. The name of every person, place, or thing is real and relates to something scientific or mythological.
Gale is struggling with The Amulet. He finally finished chapter sixteen but says the story is getting more difficult the farther he gets into it. A writer has to continually come up with stuff that will be interesting. He now sits across the room waiting for an epiphany. We will probably have a long discussion when I close this entry.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Cool Cat and Cofffee

It is quite common to see Cleo stand over a heat vent  in the kitchen when the furnace is on. The heat blowing her long hair makes her look like a little puppy angel. It was a surprise to find Torpedo, our indolent cat, sprawled over a vent behind the couch! He didn't give any indication that he knew I was looking at him and probably wouldn't have cared, he had pried a lazy eye open to see.
On another note, I do not recommend purchasing cheap coffee! After a week of enduring a nauseous tummy, it occurred to me that the gurgling and subsequent bathroom trips begins after drinking a couple cups of 'Western Family' brew, which we started using about 7 days ago! It takes some of us a little longer than others to connect the dots but that can of grind is headed for the deep six! 

Monday, February 1, 2010

Heart to Heart

My best friend called Saturday to tell me her mom was at the emergency room in Colville. I went right away to sit with her while the Dr.'s fussed over their patient. She was admitted that night then sent the next day to Sacred Heart in Spokane. I sure hope she will be okay. Heart and high blood pressure problems are frightening to say the least.
Cleo has woke me up at 5:30 the last two mornings but obediently stayed in bed until six...with a little encouragement from me! Gypsy has had her share of waking us, too...even earlier. It turns out that my son, who lives quite near, has been leaving for work at four in the morning for the last week, including Saturday. The sound obviously wakes her and she gets up to check it out, which in turn wakes me up.
Aw, life with dogs. Gale is quick to remind me how cute they are.