Thursday, February 4, 2010

Defining Words

I have spent the last two days making sure the definitions for all the scientific words and mythological characters in my book are correct. It is my hope that Saving Terrene Glebe will not only be entertaining but slightly educational. If there was a chance that a reader would develop an interest in biology or heighten their awareness of how destructive humans are toward our planet, then I have accomplished my goal. The translation of the title is...Saving Earth Land. The name of every person, place, or thing is real and relates to something scientific or mythological.
Gale is struggling with The Amulet. He finally finished chapter sixteen but says the story is getting more difficult the farther he gets into it. A writer has to continually come up with stuff that will be interesting. He now sits across the room waiting for an epiphany. We will probably have a long discussion when I close this entry.

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