Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Cool Cat and Cofffee

It is quite common to see Cleo stand over a heat vent  in the kitchen when the furnace is on. The heat blowing her long hair makes her look like a little puppy angel. It was a surprise to find Torpedo, our indolent cat, sprawled over a vent behind the couch! He didn't give any indication that he knew I was looking at him and probably wouldn't have cared, he had pried a lazy eye open to see.
On another note, I do not recommend purchasing cheap coffee! After a week of enduring a nauseous tummy, it occurred to me that the gurgling and subsequent bathroom trips begins after drinking a couple cups of 'Western Family' brew, which we started using about 7 days ago! It takes some of us a little longer than others to connect the dots but that can of grind is headed for the deep six! 

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