Friday, March 12, 2010

Watching Animal Planet

Today Cleo was sitting in the front room watching animal planet when all of a sudden she started barking and bouncing around like someone was trying to invade our house. Naturally, Gypsy had to chime in. I told them to go outside but Gypsy acted confused about what Cleo was so excited about and kept looking out the window while Cleo danced around in the living room. Finally I went to see what was on TV. Cleo confirmed that is was the lions on the screen that had her all worked up.
She was so funny because she would crab walk closer to the television set, bark and run. She took up a safe position on an arm of the couch and watched for a while but decided it was her duty to chase those big cats out of the house and did her best to frighten them with her shrill little voice.
Ultimately, I had to lure her into our office to distract her until the program was over.
Who says dogs don't watch TV?

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