Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The Pits

Gale is coming down with a cold while mine keeps hanging on. Physical therapy is helping his shoulder so that's a plus.
I spent most of today trying to figure out why my computer won't continue numbering pages beyond 45. I've tried everything, gone to the on-line help desk and called everyone I know and still don't have a solution and that's the pits.
On a happy note, Cleo has learned to come back to bed after she gets up in the morning (if it's before six.)and the snow is melting faster and faster. Gypsy and Cleo sure enjoy chasing each other around the yard now that most of the grass is exposed. Although Gypsy does love the snow and will seek out a patch to rub her face in.
Oh, and I rode my bicycle today for the first time in ages! 

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