Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Feeling Miserable

I haven't wanted to complain but the last few days have really been a bummer. A sinus infection turned into a nasty cold even though I was taking antibiotics for the infection. My throat has been too sore to swallow and my voice dropped about three octaves! Last night was the worst...congestion, caoughing and headache contributing to the mix plus this drumming in my ear that gets worse during stressful times. Waaaah. Don't I sound like a baby?! The good news is, I feel measurably better today! The sun is shinning and Cleo let me sleep in a half-hour this morning.
Gale is still going to physical therapy for his shoulder. It gets pretty sore for a day or so after but hopefully is doing some good.
I sent a copy of 'Ghost Dance' off to Michael Bowen with the Inlander per their request. It would be great if he writes a review for it.

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