Friday, March 5, 2010

Jury Duty

Holy cow! I haven't had time to pet my dogs since we got back from Boise! They're letting me know about it, too! It is good to be missed, though. The worst of it is that I bought some new dog food for them and they don't like it even a little and I have promised them I would go back to the kind they like but haven't had a chance to get to the store! Why?
JURY DUTY! That means traveling to Republic...102 miles round trip...leaving home around 7:30am and returning anywhere from 6 to 7 pm. The jury is off now until Monday but Gale had an appointment in Spokane today and we have only one vehicle so it won't be until tomorrow that I get a chance to shop for my pets! Even then Saturday is packed.
Two of our grandkids have wrestling matches in Chewelah at 10:00a.m. and we are guest speakers for a library fundraiser in Colville at 2:30 p.m. We'll get 'er done though and Gypsy and Cleo will eat good tomorrow evening...poor babies.
As far as writing, Gale continues to fuss about being stuck on the sequel. He doesn't lack for words, just content. You can only ramble for so long and pretty soon even the computer starts throwing things at you.
My writing has been on hold for two weeks, now. Before I can get re-started, there is more research to be done.  Ahh the life of an author!

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