Thursday, March 18, 2010

Stumped Cat

Gypsy was on my lap this morning even though she must weigh a ton, looked out the window then suddenly went berserk. She jumped down, ran to the window and yapped like there was no tomorrow. Cleo ran in circles while adding her shrill little voice to the ruckus. Gale and I looked out to see what had them so excited and saw a black cat sitting in the brush on the bank by our driveway.
I opened the door and told Gypsy to 'go get it'! Cleo led the charge. Gale and I watched, thinking the cat would run off but it didn't budge. It isn't that we hate cats but the ones that come around want to pick a fight with Torpedo and he usually comes out on the short end. After watching for a couple minutes, I decided to chase it away myself.
Imagine my chagrin to find the black cat was actually a black stump!
Darn dogs should have known better.

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