Sunday, May 30, 2010

Work for Beavers

The huge dam at the old culvert washed out and there is a hole in the one nearest the house. The beavers will have their job cut out for them if they plan to rebuild them and of course we hope they will. The water is still high and rushing like a sonofagun and this little Cleo is fascinated by the bubbles. She cavorts and runs and leans so fa over the bank I am terrified she will fall in again. I really have to watch her and keep calling her back.
The bull moose came back and laid down in the meadow as I was making this entry. I called Luke and his tribe to come down and see it. He got some really good pictures of it.
Anadee was up yesterday and kept hoping to see a moose. She should have been here today!

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  1. Please send me some photos of the moose....
    Love it love it love it.