Thursday, May 20, 2010

Keeping up with Cleo

    After taking a walk, Gypsy likes to lay in the creek and cool off but this time of year it is more like a raging river than a docile creek! Anyway, Gypsy found a safe little eddy but Cleo wanted a drink and didn't like the spot where Gypsy had stirred up the mud. I mentioned to Gale how cold it would be to jump into that swift water to rescue Cleo and wouldn't you know, she fell in! Naturally I didn't hesitate to go after her. Fortunately she had dropped into a deep hole rather than the horrendous current. Her eyes were quite large but otherwise unscathed.
   Then the little rascal got curious and decided to go out on the middle bridge directly over the worst part of the current! I called her back a couple times but she insisted upon going back out to watch the bubbles so I had to put up a child barrier gate at the entrance to the first bridge to stop her!
   We went to Boise over the weekend and stopped at a service station along the way where we had stopped on a previous trip to let the girls out. However, this time a backhoe came clanging and banging around a corner, scaring Cleo half to death. She jerked the extendo-leash out of my hand and took off across the parking lot with the handle of the leash bouncing along behind her, fueling her terror, and ONTO the main highway. In hot pursuit, I didn't pay any attention to traffic but had eyes only for Cleo. I handed off Gypsy's leash to Gale on my way past him and charged after poor little Cleo. She stopped on the center line. When I had her safely in my arms I looked up and cars were stopped in both lanes waiting for us!
   SO, at Michelle's house is a very large swimming pool. Once again, Cleo is frightened by a man who dropped a box somewhere in her vicinity. It made quite a loud noise and she shot across the patio and ACROSS the pool without even looking where she was going. Thank goodness the pool cover was on or she would have been swimming again!
   Then yesterday, Gypsy and Cleo had their hair appointments. Gypsy is always so calm and sweet...nothing seems to bother her except cows of course. I arrived a bit early to pick them up but peeked in the window first to make sure neither one of them was still on the table. Unfortunately, Cleo was and being the observant little creature she is, she spotted me and put up such a crying, squirming fuss Shirley could do nothing more with her. So, she still has long hairs on her nose...but she's still cute.
   I bought some tomato, pepper, strawberry and squash plants yesterday. Now all we need is some decent weather to be able to plant them. We sure had a storm last night...a real dandy. Then it froze again by morning.

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