Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Three Little Pigs and the Big Bad Bear

That bear has been harassing my son's poor pigs for several nights. Fortunately, the critter seemed more intent upon the pigs food rather than the pigs for food. My son finally caught the beast and if it doesn't have a friend in the neighborhood, the pigs will live the life of Riley until fair time.
The best news for us is that Cleo will finally find some rest for her worried mind. Besides smelling the bear's nightly visits, she has been making several trips a day checking on the 'scat' in the driveway. Maybe we should have moved it but it would have taken a large shovel. Anyway, that bear scent was driving her crazy and her shrill little voice was a growing disturbance for us. Even Gypsy was beginning to look at her like she'd gone psycho.
I planted potatoes on my birthday and with all the rain we've had the garden should be happy.

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