Saturday, May 22, 2010

Moose on the Loose

I had just crawled in bed and opened my book when Gale called out that there was a moose laying down in the meadow. I scrambled out to take a look and sure enough, you could just make hm out. It was definitely a 'he' because there were two long antlers on the top of his head. Gale said, "It's just a small bull." I grabbed the camera and snuk out the office door to the edge of the house. I tried a couple settings to get a good shot but only one turned out even part way decent. After the second snap, the moose must have seen the flash...or me...and stood up. I thought half the mountain had moved! That bull was absolutely ENORMOUS and crossed the meadow in three strides. He seemed confused about which way he wanted to go and wandered back and forth a couple times before melting into the woods. I sure wouldn't want to meet up with him on one of my meandering through the forest! 

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