Thursday, April 1, 2010

Feeling like a Computer Guru

After three days of battling this computer to download my illustrations I succeeded today! The darn thing would take one but not the next or would say one was saved when it wasn't. Whew! Then I couldn't find the cruiser stick where 'Saving Terrene Glebe' is stored. I called the printer in Colville and they said it is still there, thank goodness.
Gale is putting up a good fight with the miserable cold I shared with him but has had a couple crummy days.  He's been putting in some long hours on the 'Ghost Dance' sequel, too, and is now about half way through.
We stepped into our hot tub just before it started to hail today. That was okay...we were wet anyway and the water is warm but when the thunder began to rumble, we figured it was time to head for higher, drier ground. Seemed rather odd to have hail and thunder at the same time.

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