Friday, April 2, 2010

Wild Life

What fun! We watched two beautiful coyotes on the trail of two deer that gave them the slip. The deer vanished into the woods but the coyotes wandered out into our meadow. Gypsy and Cleo saw us staring out the window so they had to charge out to keep an eye on things. However, when Cleo realized what we were looking at she made tracks for the door.
The Mallard pair should be building a nest soon. When they're not paddling around on the pond, we see them flying overhead making a bee-line for the water.
The mule deer have been visiting the salt block in the meadow the last several days, too. They are so huge! They really show up with a little snow in the background. The patch is gradually shrinking.
I was visiting Jimbosfrontporch blog site and saw he has invented some new crochet hooks...really unusual...too back I don't crochet because these things look interesting. The regular ones are beautifully handcrafted things! 

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