Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Dog Gone

We took our pups for a long walk and when we returned went down to the creek so Gypsy could lay in the water, as is her custom, and Cleo could get a drink. The water is REALLY high and the currant is extremely swift this time of year so I was watching them closely. Gypsy found a safe eddy to take a dip but Cleo was having trouble reaching the water from the high bank. It was only a second after I mentioned to Gale that I didn't look forward to jumping into that cold water to rescue her if she fell in that SHE FELL IN. Naturally, I was there in a nano-second to pull her out and am definitely grateful that it was more like a hole she slipped into rather than the rushing water. Did she learn her lesson? I don't think so because she ran right out on the bridge, stretching her neck over the side to watch the bubbles. I had to put a gate up to stop her.

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