Friday, January 8, 2010

What a day

Cleo, my Chinese Crested Hairy Hairless one-year old dog, woke me at 5:45a.m. She has been staying in bed until at least 6. Of course she sleeps next to me! We took her and Gypsy, our 7seven-year old of undertermind origin which we call a Himalayan Herd dog, in to town with us this morning. Gypsy loves to ride and Cleo hates to stay home if you get my drift.
We went X-country skiing and Gale took a nasty fall and injured his shoulder. Not only was he concerned about the prospect of needing the same surgery I had but it has inhibited his typing ability. It appears now that it wasn't as serious as we first thougt.
We also got word today that our brother-in-law had a heart attack a few days ago but is okay now.
Then tonight our oldest son, Dan, wanted me to help him hook up his new laptop with AT&T. Not a good idea...and after 2 -1/2 hours I think he is convinced to take my suggestion to go with Wild Blue. Gale said he would take me to the movie Avatar in Spokane tomorrow if he could watch basketball tonight. I am not very enthused over the game so helping Dan was a wonderful 'out' for me.

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