Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Dogs in the Dark

I awoke around 2:40 this morning to the sound of Gypsy going out her doggy door.  After listening for about  20 minutes for the 'slap' of her return, I became concerned. She rarely goes out in the night and never for more than a couple minutes. There are preditors wandering around out there in the dark and she would be easy prey a hungry cougar, even though dog is not their favorite food. Sooo, I got up, went outside...the temperature was hovering around 30* which is quite mild for this time of year...and called and called. As I was coming back to the door in near panic, Gale, whom I had rudely awakened, informed me that he had let Gypsy in through our office door. We have too many doors in our house! Naturally, Cleo had to get up to see what was going and nearly got quashed under Gale's foot. He wobbled like a weeble for a split second while she darted for safety and he found a safe place to step. I gathered Cleo up, directed Gypsy to her bed and everyone got back to sleep until the little alarm clock went off at 6. You would think she could have slept in at least 30 minutes!

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