Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Back to the Grindstone

Gale is back to 'work' today. I hear a lot of groans and grumbling from his side of our 'office'. He's been having a problem remembering the descriptions of the horses and who is riding them. I keep reminding him to make notes. Of course, even if he does it's doubtful he could find should see his desk. There are sticky notes hanging around like flypaper on nearly every smooth surface. We don't talk much while we are writing except to ask about the spelling of a word or if we are searching for a particular one that eludes our mind.
He's also a little grumpy today because his shoulder is bothering him since his fall nearly 3 weeks ago. Naturally he won't go to the doctor. He's afraid he'll have to go through the same surgery I had last year...the sissy. Truth is, I don't blame him and wouldn't want to do it again! I have assured him that there are alternatives but I don't think he believes me.
Cleo promptly woke me this morning by pummeling my tummy with all four paws. It's amazing how much strength that little dog has! There is no snooze button either. Gypsy would sleep and let us sleep all day if it were up to her...well, until feeding time.

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