Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Barking Night

Around 3A.M.(as in the morning when it's still dark and nobody in their right mind wants to be awake) Gypsy decided to take a jaunt out side. She had chosen to snooze on the rocking chair in our bedroom, instead of her bed, so when she propelled herself off her semi-mobile perch, the chair predictably banged into the wall. That's what woke me. Her incessant barking for the next 20 minutes kept me awake. Gale finally took my cue, some comment I made about 'his' dog being a pain in the butt, and got up to call her in. I'm almost positive I heard a few unkind expletives along with her name. She sweetly curled up in her proper sleeping location and proceeded to snore...really.
Cleo promptly woke up and decided she needed to make a potty run. Thank meant, when she hurtled back through the door, yours truly had to drag her bones out of bed to help 'her' dog back into bed...cold paws and all.
Not to be outdone, Torpedo wandered past the bedroom door and yowled. Fortunately for him he kept it short. Neither Gale or I lay claim to the cat.
The upside is that everyone eventually settle down and we got to sleep until the unheard of 7 bells!  Not so bad after a barking night.

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